Fencing Appeal

Fencing Appeal



  • £35K Target
  • £4,301 Raised
  • 79 Donors
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The fencing of today was erected some 25 years ago and now urgently requires replacing. Many of the posts have rotted at ground level and are supported by ropes to nearby trees or temporary stakes. The First phase of the appeal is to put up specialised fencing in the main 5 acre field, where the goats graze. Second phase is to replace fencing and to extend the paddock where the entire billies live and graze. Phase Three is the 10 acre field that the goats graze in the Summer.

overall cost is envisaged to be in the region of £35,000.00 and as we are unable to cover this expense straightway we ask for your help. The cost for each 12ft span is approximately £15. We therefore ask for your support and encouragement in our appeal.

To recognise your generosity we shall display a disc to each post that is sponsored, inscribing the sponsors name, date and post number, so that when you call at the Sanctuary your post or posts can be easily located for you to see.